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New “Love the One You’re With – Shedding the Weight” Starts 1/11/21

  • How comfortable do you feel in your own body?
  • How enthusiastic are you about your personal appearance?
  • Do you spend time, energy and other precious resources worrying about your size and shape? Your looks?
  • Might you benefit from increased confidence, greater patience, higher energy levels and less heaviness in your life?

Few of us like to admit it, but all too often we just don’t like the way we look. This tends to impact us in a variety of ways, none of them good. We beat ourselves up and push ourselves too hard. We get sluggish and unmotivated. We feel distracted and down on ourselves instead of empowered and energized, frazzled instead of fired up. We devote our most precious resources, time and energy, to a perceived problem–the size and shape of our physical bodies–without ever stopping to question the harm we do in the process.

In short, far too many women – brilliant, kind, capable, caring, all-around-amazing women – limit themselves on far too many levels because of this preoccupation with the body.

This is why I have designed “Love the One You’re With – Shedding the Weight.”

In this 4-week workshop, participants will learn how to more fully accept and appreciate themselves as a means to achieving whatever goals they wish. Participants will learn to eat more mindfully, to identify and change unhealthy habits–both actual and mental–and to take better care of themselves overall. Pounds will be shed, but more importantly, you will learn to replace that burdensome sense of heaviness with something lighter and freer. You will also gain a new community of supportive women, finding comfort, motivation and strength from one another.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • Techniques to establish realistic, achievable, specific goals;
  • Tools to help tune into your body more easily and effectively;
  • How to achieve your goals from a place of compassion and kindness;
  • How to harness the power of habit;
  • How to limit negative self-talk and anxieties, question assumptions and old routines and generally take a more empowered approach, which fosters greater well-being AND has great practical benefits for both personal and professional success.
  • Tools to boost energy and enthusiasm and help you feel more deeply connected to yourself and others.

Details and Logistics:

When and Where: Small groups (max 10 people) will meet via Google Meet. Sessions will take place once per week for 4 weeks, Mondays 8 to 9:00PM (EST) January 11th, 18th and 25th and February 1st.

Format: Approximately 30 minutes of presenting and teaching tools, followed by 30 minutes of intimate group discussion. During discussion, you may participate, ask questions or just listen. Either way, there will be much to gain. I will invite you to practice your new tools throughout the week, and will look forward to hearing about your personal experiences and progress.

Who is this for: Any woman who is less-than-enthusiastic about her appearance, and who is ready to shed the weight–both physical and emotional–that comes from disliking her own body. Anyone who is less compassionate with themselves than others, and who might benefit from increased confidence and strength and a greater sense of personal contentment.

What you will gain: Better health, improved self-image, closer relationships, overall confidence, greater clarity, a new approach to routines, habits and decision-making, a sense of empowerment and increased energy and enthusiasm in everything you do.

Cost: $200 person for the 4-session course. (Payable online via Paypal to

Please email to register, or to ask any questions you may have.