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New “Let Your Life Shine — A Course in Confidence”

  • Do you live with a constant inner dialogue chattering in your head?
  • Does this voice feel helpful or harmful? Does it tend to focus more on the positive or the negative?
  • Are you looking to stop holding yourself back and accomplish your personal goals?
  • Might you benefit from increased confidence, greater patience, higher energy levels and more enthusiasm toward everything in your life?

The ability to identify and allow negative emotions—be they anger, insecurity or self-doubt—and then pivot toward a more affirming, self-confident mindset is a learned skill, essential for creating satisfying relationships and careers.  This three-part group class, full of simple, effective, actionable tools you can easily incorporate into daily life. Participants will emerge with a better understanding of the relationship between how you think—that constant inner chatter—how you feel and how you behave. Participants will come to identify and understand the many ways they tend to hold themselves back, both professionally and personally, and how to stop doing so. Together, we will work toward overcoming our internal obstacles, so that we can boost the confidence needed to overcome any external obstacles we may face.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How doubts, stressors and insecurities manifest uniquely for you and how to turn them around;
  • Techniques to remain calm, composed and confident under pressure;
  • Tools to respond effectively—rather than react reflexively—to any situation, no matter how charged;
  • How to speak up when you might typically remain silent;
  • How to establish and maintain personal boundaries;
  • How to organize priorities, set realistic goals and manage responsibilities in a whole new way;
  • How to limit negative self-talk and anxieties, question assumptions and generally take a more empowered approach, which fosters greater well-being AND has great practical benefits for both personal and professional success.
  • Tools to boost energy and enthusiasm and help you feel more deeply connected to yourself and others.


Details and Logistics:

When and Where: Small groups (max 12 people) will meet via Google Meet. Sessions will take place once per week for 3 weeks, with each session lasting approximately one hour. I am offering two separate sections— Wednesdays at 8pm EST (beginning 9/23/20) OR Fridays at 1pm EST (beginning 9/25/20).

Format: Approximately 30 minutes of presenting and teaching tools, followed by 30 minutes of intimate group discussion. During discussion, you may participate, ask questions or just listen. Either way, there will be much to gain. I will invite you to practice your new tools throughout the week, and will look forward to hearing about your personal experiences and progress.

Who is this for: Any woman with a familiar and regular running dialogue that is demanding or unkind. Anyone who is less compassionate with themselves than others, and who might benefit from increased confidence and strength and a greater sense of contentment.

What you will gain: Better health, improved relationships, more assertiveness, stronger self-image, better boundaries, overall confidence, greater clarity, a new approach to decision-making, a sense of empowerment and increased energy and enthusiasm in everything you do.

Cost: $89 person for the 3-session course.   (Payable online via Paypal to

Please email to register, or to ask any questions you may have.