What People Say

Tal is a grounded, clear and insightful coach. She has helped me address significant life challenges by inviting courage and awareness to join the conversation so they can inspire transformation. If you are ready to move beyond limiting beliefs and patterns, you are ready to talk to Tal!
Jennifer M., Asheville, NC
As a coach, Tal is sensitive, kind, intuitive, honest and supportive. Tal has helped me heal some of my deepest wounds and be free from some long-held limiting beliefs. When things felt stuck or impossible, Tal showed me – gently and warmly – how to get free and clear and enthusiastic about my life!
Nicole F., Raleigh, NC
After many years of traditional talk-therapy I found myself at a standstill. Conversely, Tal’s life-coaching approach is actionable. I find her insight, knowledge and tools help me take what I know of my past, and apply it to improve upon myself for the future.
Merle H., Rye Brook, NY
Tal is one of the most intelligent, insightful and supportive life coaches I’ve worked with. She has an amazing ability to see through limiting thoughts and help you focus on what really matters. Tal helped me through my relationship anxiety when I was first dating my now husband. I credit her for helping me relax into love – and in general, relax into my life!
Denise G., New York, NY
Working with Tal Fagin has been a profound experience for me. This is true not only because of the work she does – which is powerful – but also because of who she is.

In working with Tal this past year I have felt truly seen. She asks just the right questions at the right time and guided me through exercises that have taken me to places of vision, resiliency, and empowerment within myself that have been untapped. Her ability to help identify next right steps for me has helped me to get out of my own way and move these inner-transformations to outer-change. I can happily say that because of working with Tal I am living today with more of what truly matters to me in my life. The result is a feeling that I am truly living – connecting with life – instead of what I was feeling, which was that I was being lived. As transformative as the work is I believe the secret sauce to Tal Fusion is who Tal is… smart as a whip, integrity personified, and able to beautifully balance the precarious intersection of the caring warmth of a friend with the healthy boundaries and objectivity of a true professional.

In short, Tal has a gift and gives generously. She also has led me to gifts within myself, the kind that once experienced keep giving. For this I am deeply and forever grateful to Tal. For anyone considering coaching all I have to say is this: CALL TAL! I’ll make it easy for you… (917) 279-9054. I know you’ll thank me later… so, you’re welcome in advance. 😉

Judy H., New York, NY
Many people are in the healing professions, but not all of them are natural healers. Tal decidedly is. She brought such a wonderful degree of grace and compassion as she coached me through some of the biggest transitions of my life to date. She was completely non-judgemental while helping me to find clarity from the hornet’s nest of thoughts in my head and, vitally, she helped me to disarm some of the limiting beliefs that had been hampering my thinking for years. Tal’s sensitive and insightful coaching has truly been a gift.
Anne H., Boston, MA