One on One Coaching

I offer personalized, individual coaching – in person or by telephone – to clients across the United States.  Sessions are entirely confidential and are targeted to clarify your goals, introduce new perspectives and open up possibilities.   Together, we’ll identify and explore your unique areas of struggle, then implement simple, effective strategies to lighten your load so that you can let your life shine!

Individual sessions are $125 for a 60 minute session, and $600 for six 60 minute sessions.   To schedule, or to learn more, email ( or call 917-279-9054.  

I offer all clients one 30-minute, no strings attached, complimentary consultation to further discuss my approach to coaching, to answer any questions you might have or just to make sure we are a good fit.

Workshops and Events

Because many of us dance with the same demons, I offer group workshops, addressing some of those pesky universal struggles we all endure, simply because we are human.  Workshops are all about providing a safe, supportive, yet upbeat group environment, where even if you just listen, there is much to gain.   A typical workshop involves everything from laughter to tears, audible sighs of recognition and abundant breakthroughs through the simple realization that when it comes to the things we most fear, most regret, or most lament about our lives – we are far, far from alone.  

Past workshops have taken place in clients homes, when they thought friends or colleagues might benefit, or in more publicly available settings. If you would like to learn more about my workshops, email ( or call 917-279-9054.  

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