Ready to Rev

Are you a highly educated, multi-talented, former-career woman?  Did you off-ramp from a previous career to take care of your family?

Are you tired of playground politics and immature women’s-world drama?  Are you generally yearning for more, READY to REV IT UP, but unclear which way to turn? 

Are you plagued by doubts, worried that your skills are stale, your availability is limited or your opportunity for a meaningful career has simply passed?  Do you feel stuck – despite that steadily growing urge to challenge yourself in new ways – by your continued obligations to home and family?  You’d be thrilled if the perfect opportunity – flexible, satisfying and rewarding – landed in your lap, but you have no idea how to go find it for yourself.  

Perhaps you have pushed aside or delayed thoughts of working again, citing your long list of continued responsibilities at home?  

Perhaps you have aging parents in need of your time and attention.  Ditto for your growing children, no longer babies, but still your babies, still in need of your care.  Double Ditto for your husband, a great guy, hard working and devoted, who generally prefers to have you available.  He has already put in the grueling and all encompassing hours at work and is starting to think about taking his foot off the accelerator.  It feels inconvenient of you to start revving your engines now, just as he is slowing down.

Ready to Rev! is a coaching program intended to help you dig deep, get raw and get honest about who you are, where you are, and what you want to do with the next chapter of your one and only life.  It is about liberating you from doubt, insecurity or your need to accommodate everyone else in your life and empowering you to be your strongest, most authentic and best self.