About Tal

My passion is people.  I am endlessly curious about human beings and what makes us tick.  Beyond that, I love complex puzzles, tackling challenges and collaborative effort.  I have yet to encounter a problem I don’t feel compelled to help solve, or to at least try.

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, whatever has brought you to this place — I want to know more about you. I want to know the beliefs that define you and the passions that fuel you, the fears that hold you back and the aspirations that drive you forward.

I want to know what lights you up.

As for me, nothing turns me on like deep, meaningful, intimate connection. I get high on revelation, get a rush from Ah Hah moments.

Of course, none of this is possible without trust, which is why I value my integrity and my relationships above all else. I am a vault. What is said to me, stays with me.

In my own life, I am a little bit of a whole host of things. I do not fit neatly or completely into any box. I used to see this as a problem, but now recognize it as a gift. It makes it easy for me to relate to, and work with, many types of people — from the ambitious young upstart to the accomplished professional, from the new parent adjusting to life at home, to the recently bereaved and grieving.

I have played all of these parts – plus many more. And while I struggled for years to find the clever one liner to describe myself, the well-defined, easily understood label that would be my calling card, I have finally, gratefully, abandoned that effort.

Hence, Tal Fusion.